Cuisine you can eat with your eyes

Cuisine you can eat with your eyes

I have to confess: Miro is the chef in our home. I can follow a recipe and assemble a meal. However, for me, cooking is a craft rather than an art.

There are people for whom the gift of creating a meal is truly elevated to Art with a capital A. Our friend in Troyan, Ivanka Tsarova, who teaches hospitality at Vasil Levski High School, has the gift. Miro, a winemaker whose nose and palate are highly trained, also has the gift. I try and try, but alas, I do not have the gift.

However, I have discovered a secret. I will let you in on this secret since everything having to do with food and wine is improved by sharing:

There is am amazing website full of well-written, organized, and easy-to-follow recipes in English and Bulgarian: Nikolay’s Kitchen. In addition to being a chef, author, and food stylist, Penev is also an extremely talented photographer. His Instagram is sure to make you feel simultaneously hungry and satisfied.

Thank you, Chef Penev. Though we’ve never met, you have improved my enjoyment of both cooking and looking. Keep up the great work.

Photograph © Nikolay Penev

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