Baklava close up

Nothing says holidays like home-made baklava. Practice, patience, and keeping the papery sheets from drying out are the secrets to working with phyllo.

Traditional bulgarian cold summer soup tarator with yogurt, dill, cucumber and walnuts in ceramic bowl on wooden table

If you are Bulgarian, you do not need a recipe for tarator, the ubiquitous summer cucumber soup. If you’ve been to Bulgaria in the summertime, you have most certainly eaten tarator and probably have figured out the recipe on your own. It never hurts to start with a good plan, though—so we are pleased to share our recipe for tarator.

There is a truly amazing website full of recipes in English and Bulgarian: Nikolay’s Kitchen. In addition to being a chef, author and food stylist Penev is also an extremely talented photographer. His Instagram is sure to make you feel simultaneously hungry and satisfied.

Table setting with Mavrud
A plate of peppers filled with blended cream cheese and feta cheese and baked until melty and delicious
Lentil Soup