Bulgarian Wine Regions

Bulgarian Wine Regions

Danube River Plains (Northern Region) This region has around 30% of the vineyards in the country and includes three sub-regions. (Eastern, Central, Western)
Wines from this region include: Château Burgozone Chardonnay, Gorchivka Cabernet Sauvignon, and Legio I Rosé

Black Sea Coastal (Eastern Region) This region has around 30% of the vineyards and includes three sub-regions (Northern sea coast, Internal sub-region, South sea coast)
Wines from this region include: VINI Cabernet Sauvignon and Pentagram Pinot Noir

Valley of the Roses (Sub-Balkan Region) To the south of the Balkan Mountains spreads the sub-Balkan region with its two sub-regions: Eastern sub-region. It includes the Sungurlare Valley which mainly grows “Red Misket”, designated for the production of dry and semi-dry wines. Western sub-region. It includes the Rose Valley.

Thracian Valley (Southern Region) It includes around 35% of the vineyard massifs and is characterized by a moderate continental climate and good distribution of precipitation during the vegetation period.
Wines from this abundant region are too many to list

Struma River Valley (South Western Region) This Bulgarian region includes the southwestern parts of the country. It is not large in size, but it possesses some specific climatic features which are very similar to the Mediterranean regions. Along the valley of the Struma river, a unique Bulgarian varietal “Broad Leaved Vine of Melnik” (Shiroka Melnishka) is cultivated for the production of dry and semi-dry wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Pamid varietals are also grown in the area. The local wines are characterized by full taste, with spicy southern tones

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