Rakia (Grappa)

Rakia (Grappa)
It was believed that rakia was first created in the 16th century in the Balkans, the location unknown, but the recent discovery of wording on on a sherd of pottery (Аз пих ракиня на празника - I drank rakinja at the celebration (rakinja being the old word for rakia) indicates its presence in 14th century Bulgaria. This discovery may strengthen the case for rakia's Bulgarian origins and allow its designation by the European Union as a national drink.

Biserna Muskatova Rakia distilled by Domaine Boyar - Sold by Wine Globe.
*Gold Medal (91 pts, Best Buy) from the Tastings Panel 2014 International Review of Spirits
Domaine Boyar Biserna Rakia is expertly crafted, using small-batch distillates of Muscat, Dimiat, Rkatsiteli and the classical Cognac varietal, Ugni Blanc. The Master Distiller has then carefully created a blend that results in this elegant Biserna Muskatova Rakia.

Тази ракия е експертно и ръчно приготвена, използвайки малки серии дeстилати от Мускат, Димят, Ркацители и класическият конячен сорт, Юни Блан. Майстор дистилатор внимателно създава бленда, и елегантният резултат е тази Бисерна Мускатова Ракия.

Peshterska Muskatova Rakia - available ONLY in a 3-packs due to custom designed bottle. Sold by Wine Globe.

*Gold Medal at the Monterrey Int'l Wine Competition 2005
*Gold Medal at the Critics Challenge 2004, San Diego, CA
Peshterska Muskatova Rakia
(Grappa) is obtained from selected grapes. A limpid, crystal-clear liquid with an intense aroma and the fine unmistakable flavor of muskat. This is a premium rakia whose merits should be credited to the high quality of the raw material as well as the particularity of the technological process.

The best after-dinner drink to have is Peshterska Muskat, actually a grappa with a Muscat grape flavor. It is poured from an exotic-looking, long-necked, cobalt blue bottle, and it has a real kick. Las Vegas Weekly

Peshterska Otlezhala Rakia (Black Label) - RATED: 85 points (Highly Recommended)

Golden salmon color. Vanilla and toasted nut aromas, nice oily texture. Dryish, vanilla bean oily nut flavors. Finishes with a lightly sweet powdered sugar and pepper fade. A nice texture and finish. Beverage Testing Institute 2006

Peshterska Specialna Rakia (Red Label)

PESHTERA WINERY is also an acknowledged producer of a range of rakias (grape brandies) that are obtained from selected sorts -- Misket and Muskat grapes -- through a traditional Bulgarian technology. Among the most popular brands in Bulgaria are Peshterska Muscat Rakia, Peshterska Selection Rakia, Peshterska Special Rakia, Peshterska Matured Rakia and Peshterska Grape Rakia.

Mastika Peshterska

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